Sunday, July 15, 2012

Birth Story

Most of you have heard about the unique photo opportunity that I had in March.  I decided to do a Birth Story for a couple here in the Houston area.  Birth Stories are a photo documentary that follows a couple from the moment the wife begins labor until after the baby is safely there and in the mother's arms.  Yes, this means that I photographed the actual delivery of the baby.

I was a little nervous, having never had a baby myself and having never been present for a live birth.  I contacted a photographer in New York that has done various Birth Stories and who I got the idea from. She was helpful and gave me lot's of advice.  One of which was to read AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE about the birthing process, specifically natural births since these are most often the ones that want such an event documented.  I read and read, and asked mommies lots of questions.

I was lined up to do 2 different Birth Stories.  The first couple it didn't work out because it was an emergency situation but the second couple worked out perfectly.  The baby was 2 weeks late in coming but was a normal labor and delivery.  The couple let me know that she was having labor pains about 10 pm on March 27th.  They said they would call when they were headed to the hospital.

I could hardly sleep!  By 2:30 I was in my car headed to the hospital.  It was a long wait but even with the anticipation it went by fairly fast (that's what I say but if you ask the mother I'm sure she would have a whole other story!). 

By 2:13pm, the next afternoon, Baby Asher was born.  This was not my baby.  I was familiar with the couple but they weren't family.  Despite that, I was amazed at the overwhelming presence of the spirit in the room when that little one arrived.  I was in the background, behind my camera, holding back the tears.  Birth is such a miracle!  Our bodies can do amazing things.  I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who has given us this power to bring His children to earth.  *sigh*  It was such a neat experience.  I am thankful for the Paul family in being so open and willing to let me do this. 

I am excited to be doing another Birth Story in August.  I have not advertised for doing Birth Stories here in Houston (atleast not yet...), but I am doing one for a friend of mine her.  I am excited to experience it all again.  If you want to see more pictures click here

I am enjoying taking a "break" from my photography business and just trying new things and having fun with it all over again!


  1. So cool! When we decide to have another baby, I'd LOVE to have you come and photograph the labor and delivery. Although, I have to stress that I do not plan on birthing that baby naturally. I plan to be heavily drugged, so yeah... lol Great pictures though, Ashley! Love it!

  2. The pictures are so beautiful. It is such a gift to be part of something so important in someone's life. Can't wait to see you and Derek! I'm counting the days. Love you!