Friday, September 28, 2012

14 inches

When I was 5 or 6 year old my m om cut my long black hair off.  People couldn't believe she would cut off my beautiful long hair!  She got so much flack about it that she never cut my hair short again.  It wasn't until I was a Senior in high school that I decided to cut it off and donate it to Locks of Love. I donated the minimum of 9 inches that time.  I grew it out again.  When I got home from my mission I donated it again to locks of love. 

That was 3 years ago.  My hair has gotten REALLY long.  It's pretty, but I had gotten sick of braids and ponytails because even those got in the way and bothered me in the humidity.  Most of the summer my hair has been in a bun at the nape of my neck.  Talk about nun style.  I have been waiting for it to cook off a little bit so I could cut it off again. 

I finally did it Wednesday night!!!  My hair was  longer than it has ever been.  We cut 14 inches off to donate and it still is just above my shoulders!  I love my new hair cut.  It is similar to my cuts in the past, but it is easy and fun.

 I may be going back in a couple of weeks to add subtle auburn highlights.....eeeek!  I have virgin hair and highlights kind of freak me out.  But they look so good.  I'm debating.  Let me know what you think.  My beautician, who thinks I should definitely do it, kept reminding me, "It's always reversible if you hate it!"

Here are the before and after pictures:

Brown w/ Auburn Highlights 
This is what I mean by Auburn highlights...

just so you're not picturing this:
Black Hair with Auburn highlights


  1. Love your new hair cut. You are so awesome I don't think you do anything that doesn't involve some sort of service. And go for the highlights it'll be fun. At least you're having a professional do it, Gavin has become my stylist;) eek!

  2. Great haircut, Ash! You always look so good in whatever you do. : ) Seriously, though, that picture of you from behind looks like your mom! You guys are twinners.