Friday, March 25, 2011

Our Story...

He got on one knee, I said “Yes”—well, not exactly. It’s actually much better than that.
He got on one knee, I said “Are you serious,” he said “Yes,” I said, “really?” he said “Yes” again to me and the crowd of people staring at the airport.
I said “Yes!”

Yes, yes, yes!

Last March Derek’s roommate, Josh, came up from Houston, to Provo, to do two things: baptize my roommate Nyugen, and find Derek a wife. Okay, maybe the wife hunt wasn’t intentional, but we are happy Josh recognized a fabulous match when he saw one and was brave enough to play matchmaker. Derek (being the man that he is) called me soon after getting my number from Josh.

He said “Hello,” I said “Who are you?” and it went from there.

Phone calls, texts, emails, and facebook led us quickly from
“hello,”—to “I love you,”—to “Marry me,”—to now.

Even with over 1700 miles between us, our love is growing. Our excitement and dreams of starting our forever makes us do crazy things like pay for monthly airline tickets or take 21 credits to graduate school sooner.
We may be crazy, but we are in love.

May 31 can’t come soon enough.
We’ve eagerly waited to find each other.
We feel blessed for the many people and the tender mercies of the Lord that have finally brought us together.


  1. O'Neil!!!! Really, how much are you paying this girl? Strong work buddy! She is SUPER cute, and you guys look great together. I am so happy for you guys!
    Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the festivities. I will be driving a 16 ft. Penske moving truck towing our car behind on our way to Akron, OH where I will be starting my Emergency Medicine Residency. If you guys are ever out in Ohio you need to stop by. Good luck and enjoy your special day!

    Mitch Hegerhorst

  2. Congratulations! Justus and I won't be able to make it up to Utah, but if you're ever in Arizona let us know! We'd love to take you out for dinner!

    Kate and Justus