Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Honeymoon Phase Part II: Home now

Despite the heat and the humidity, we have loved being here in Houston in our "home." It is nothing big or spectacular, but it is ours and we get to live there together! So, we love it. We kept thinking that once we got to Houston things would calm down and we wouldn't have to spend as much money. We were wrong about both of those things! Shortly after getting to Houston we flew out to Rhode Island for our Reception out there that my wonderful mother-in-law did for us. It was so much fun! It was a backyard reception at the Sullivan's house and it was gorgeous. Of course, Nancy made us an amazing cake! Being there made us excited to be going back for the holidays in December. Since being here in Houston this summer, we had a riot staying a week in the hospital! It was the craziest thing. Derek had this small little bump on his forehead by his hairline (almost like a small pimple) and with in a week it had spread and was swollen the circumference of a tennis ball! This picture was taken the day before we went to see the doctor. I wasn't being a very good photographer though, because during it's worst stages I have NO pictures!
Once he was admitted into the hospital they started bumping him full of the strongest antibiotics they had. After about 3-4 days it was looking much better. After 5 they let us go home. Their best guess is that it was a staph infection. How he got it we don't know. We are just lucky that it got taken care of before it spread anymore and/or caused damage to his eye. Being in the hospital wasn't all bad though. We actually enjoyed it (Maybe I can say that because I wasn't the one being poked with needles left and right). We got to spend ALL DAY together sitting in the hospital bed watching season after season of LOST. By the time we left the hospital we only had the season finale left! We didn't have any complaints about the hospital stay...until we got the bill :)

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