Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Honeymoon Phase Part I: The Honeymoon

Our wedding was absolutely perfect. Thank you!
We were very blessed after the wedding to be able to enjoy a 20 day honeymoon! We stayed a couple of days in Seattle, WA where we saw the Space Needle, rode the ferry at sunset, visited the temple, went to Pikes Market, and had the most amazing hot dogs ever! Seriously delightful. Cream cheese, sauteed onions and cabbage with a all beef dog on a toasted bun....mmmmm. Don't worry I included a picture:)After a couple of days in Seattle, we went up to the Mt. Baker area a few hours from Seattle to stay in a time-share there. It was up in a forested area away from everything! We stopped and bought groceries on our way so that we could would never have to leave the time-share...and we hardly did! We took a hike, went to the temple, and did our Seattle panorama puzzle. And don't worry, we went and played disc golf as well! Actually Derek played. The course was covered in high weeds and as I was searching for my disc we discovered stinging nettle. At that point I decided that this course was not for me! I was moral support and a frisbee hunter instead of a player.

We spent a week in Mt. Baker at the time share and then we to Vancouver for a night. We were able to go to the suspension bridge, take the Aquabus, and walk the city. The next day we flew back to Utah were we hopped in our car and began the trip down to Houston. Our route down to Houston was determined by the location of temples. Between our honeymoon and our trip down to Houston, we attended 8 different temples. SLC, UT; Seattle, WA; Vancouver, BC; Monticello, UT; Snowflake, AZ; Lubbock, TX; Dallas, TX; San Antonio, TX. We loved it! It was a wonderful honeymoon and we are so happy to be here in Houston.

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