Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Honeymoon Phase

I have always heard the phrase "Honeymoon Phase" but didn't understand it until I was in it. It's almost an illness; a beautiful, delightful illness. It is were you have no real desire except to be with the new-found love of your life.
Derek and I are both people-oriented and love having friends and getting together to play games and eat (of course). We knew we were in this "Honeymoon Phase" that everybody speaks of, when we were saying "yes" to hang out with other couples then secretly hoping they would cancel so we could just spend time together! Terrible...yet lovely.
We have decided to never completely exit the "Honeymoon Phase." But there are a few things that we need to start doing (If we have to...) and one of those things is to KEEP THIS BLOG UPDATED!
I love goals. I hate goals. I can't stand to fail. I will make goals and not write them down or tell anybody because then nobody, including myself, will know when I fail. But I also never reach those goals either. So, this is a bold move on my part but... I am making it publicly known that: I will update my blog every week until Christmas.
Permission granted to all, to get on my case if I ever think about missing a week. I know that this goal will make for a very happy mothers and sisters. Let's begin.

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