Friday, May 20, 2011

My mother-in-law... a dream! I feel bad for all of those people out there that don't like their mother-in-law. I am so blessed! Derek's mom, Michele, has done nothing but make me feel loved and anxiously waited for. She is a mother of three sons and is ecstatic to have a daughter. I'm lucky I could fill the spot! Last weekend she flew me out to Rhode Island so that we could spend a weekend together and so that she could throw me a bridal shower. We had so much fun! I was able to meet the women that have meant so much to her in her life. The whole thing was perfect. Everything from the people to the napkins. Nancy and Kaitlin Sullivan had the brilliant idea of bringing and ipad so that we could get on Skype with my mom and with Derek. It was fun to have them be a part of the shower! Plus, we got this great picture with Derek!
The rest of the weekend was girl-time. We went to Newport to do a little shopping, walk around, and have fresh sea food. We went to the Black Pearl where we had a cup of their clam chowder (which puts all other clam chowder to shame!) and scallops. We also spent time talking about the wedding and the reception out there in July. Thank you Michele for a wonderful weekend! Lucky for me, I am marrying into this family and gaining a mother-in-law worth talking about!


  1. Ashley, I think his mother is pretty lucky too to be getting you for a daughter!! You are an amazing young woman and I'm so proud of all you have become! I'm thrilled that you have found your soul mate and that you get to spend the rest of your life growing old with your best friend. May God bless you and your marriage. Your Kentucky family will be thinking wonderful thoughts for you on the 31st and wishing you nothing but happiness forever and ever! Someday I hope that we'll get to meet this dreamboat Derek who has swept you off your feet- but until then- Derek- please take care of what our family has come to say with fondness "our Ashley". With much Love, Macy, Brad, Carly & Colton Spalding

  2. Even though I'm just now seeing this, I have to comment on this post and say how 100% I TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY AGREE! Michele is amazing and you are absolutely lucky. I've loved having your mom as my in-law. She's a great friend and I learn so much from her. Not only that, but she offers great insight on Trapper for those times when I don't know what to do with him! haha I hope you make some new posts soon! I want to hear more about your life now! Love you!!