Thursday, September 15, 2011


So we have started a tradition, or should I say we are establishing a tradition, of Friday night being pizza night. Great tradition, right?! We have been doing it since we have gotten here in Houston and only ONCE have we have to stop by Kroger's freezer section and pick up Tostinos and chocolate milk to keep with the tradition of pizza night. We have tried lots of different kinds of pizza like BBQ, chicken artichoke, tomato basil with fresh mozzerella, all veggie, pesto with mushroom and get the picture; we are trying to be creative. It has been delicious! The first week I made it the crust turned out fabulous! Then for about 5 weeks it was awful! Toppings----delicious, crust---rock-hard-nasty-cardboard. What was I doing wrong!? I tried multiple recipes and various techniques, nothing worked. I am happy to announce that a couple of weeks ago I got the crust to be PERFECT! (I would never say so, but my friends would (name that movie Suzy!)) Mmmmm! Derek was so happy and I was even happier. No more failings. This miracle happened using the Betty Crocker's recipe and I am sticking with it for awhile. I want to try others but right now, I just want to succeed:)

Above: Split- tomato basil and veggie on marinera basil both with fresh mozzerella
(Side note: Derek ate TWO slices of the tomato basil. And he says he doesn't like tomatoes...pshhh! It was that good.)
Below: Pesto with artichoke and mushrooms

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  1. EMMA!! It took me a minute to rack my brain, but I'm right, right? Btw, I'm so honored you spoke to me from you blog. haha
    The pizzas looked AWESOME, and I wish I had some. RIGHT.NOW. NO JOKE. I need to talk Trapper into Pizza Fridays. ...........Just talked to him and apparently, he gets pizza like 3 days a week from school. That's ridiculously unfair. Love ya, Ash! I love reading your posts!