Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Houston may be a blazing hot pot in the summer but (from what I hear) the winters are beautiful! I am use to going camping and doing all of my favorite outdoor activities in the summer but here in Houston we are just now thinking and planning our outdoor activities. We decided that something that we would really love to do is go on biking trips. We also realized that it would be a lot faster for Derek to ride a bike into school rather than taking the bus. So, we have been on the search for mountain bikes and a car rack for us. The search has been partially successful. We have decided that the bike we bought for Derek would actually be better for me. One more bike to go. I had to take this picture of Derek heading of to school on his bike the other day. Classic going-to-school picture :)


  1. Aww...He looks like a proud boy. : ) hehe I should have taken a picture of Trapper on his first day of school, but I was too lazy. lol I wish I had now, because it was the last time I saw my husband! Oh, and I don't know about beautiful winters in Houston, but I bet you guys will make it absolutely fun and memorable.

  2. Subsequently the bike was stolen... not that day, but not too long after... I hope some little kid is enjoying it somewhere!