Sunday, October 23, 2011

Frolf Filled Fun

For those of you unfamiliar with my love of all things Frisbee, let me give a little background. This post is about disc golf, what is that you may ask? It is a game playing much like golf, but instead of hitting balls for hundreds of yards, one throws Frisbees (discs) for hundreds of feet into a basket or at a predetermined target. It is considered the fastest growing sport in America. I have introduced my lovely wife, Ashley, most of her family, my own family, and my friends to the wonderful world of disc golf. (As a side note, the game is also referred to as Frolf: Frisbee + Golf, thank you for Josh and Trapper in inspiring me to investigate that fact!) Disc golf has become a part of our lives now, Ashley and I played on our first date together, many times since, and we even played a few times on our Honeymoon (what a loving and supporting wife I have!!!)! Now, with the groundwork laid out, lets proceed to the most recent events!

Saturday, October 15th I signed up to participate in an Ace Race. This is a competition held each year by Discraft around the globe. Participants use brand new prototype discs provided for the competition and play 36 holes of frolf. Unlike most games, each participant has one throw per hole, the only results that count are a hole-in-one (an ACE) or hitting the basket (Metal). After 30 holes I hadn't even hit metal, let alone an Ace (I came close, but close just does not cut it in this game)! Everyone else had hit the basket, but no aces so far. There on hole 12 I stepped up to the tee and let it rip...... and ca-chink! The sweet sound of the chains and the disc dropped in the basket! Everyone was going nuts! I was shocked! It was quite the rush! At the end of the event only three people had been able to hit an Ace, so when metals were considered for the tie breaker, I ended up tied for second place! I won two sweet new disc golf discs (about $15-16 each) and one of them glows in the dark!

We concluded the day playing a casual round of 9 holes, in which Ashley participated in lieu of taking pictures. We had a fantastic day outdoors at this newly constructed disc golf course! Of course it didn't hurt my mood that I had placed in the very first disc golf competition I had ever entered!


  1. Hmmmm, I always thought it was folf, not frolf. I'm going to have to do some research and consult my husband!

  2. Sally, yes, it was Josh who introduced me to the term... folf. I wasn't too fond of it at first and I was a bit skeptical that disc golf enthusiasts would use the term , so in my readings I stumbled upon frolf and realized I had to cave to Josh's idea of using a word like folf or frolf to describe the amazing disc golf. thanks for reading!