Friday, November 4, 2011

San Antonio

Monday night I packed up my bags and headed to San Antonio to help the Scwhendiman family out. Heather was due with their third child close to Thanksgiving, but because of some complications the baby needed to come earlier. She ended up having to have a c-section but the baby and her are doing great. They were able to come home from the hospital last night and so now they can be at home healing. I am here to help watch their two older kids, Kimmy and Kate. Kate has had different challenges since birth with breathing and eating. She is off oxygen but is still fed through a G-tube, so learning the ropes of how to feed her has been interesting! I have to say that I admire both Heather and Mark for all the work it is. Especially Heather as she is home during the day with the two girls and now with a new baby! Being a mom seem super busy but after holding their new baby boy, Christopher, I am OFFICIALLY baby hungry. So sweet! I am having a great time being here with the Schwendimans and getting to know them even better. My number one job while I'm the girls heart over so that they like me AS MUCH as they like Uncle Derek. Having them like me more is impossible, but I think that I can get them to like me just as much :)

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  1. Well you definitely LOOK baby hungry! Just kidding. You've got that glow...that look in your eye. ; ) You're going to be a WONDERFUL mommy one day. And I'm sure those little girls will love you more than Derek...eventually. Sorry, Derek. You're great, but Ashley is like cotton candy--pure sugar. : )